Payment Policy

Payment Policy & Work Guarantee/Warranty


Upon notification that all work has been completed and the firearm is ready for pickup, the customer will have seven days, including weekends, to make arrangements to pick up the firearm and settle all balances requested from the services performed.

If arrangements are not made within seven days of notification for the completed firearm, a weekly late fee of no more than 10% of the total balance due (including any other consecutive late fees) and no less than $10 per week will be added to total amount due.

If arrangements to pay all balances have not been established and/or contact has not been made to Dake Gunsmithing LLC after two weeks from the initial notification, a certified letter will be mailed to the address provided by the customer at the time that the firearm was acquired by Dake Gunsmithing LLC stating that if contact is not made and arrangements have not been established to settle all balances within 30 days from the date printed at the top of the letter, the firearm will then become the legal property of Dake Gunsmithing LLC and may be dispositioned in any manner deemed necessary to collect any past due balance(s).


Dake Gunsmithing LLC guarantees all work performed for 30 days from the day the firearm leaves the company as long as the following conditions are met:

A copy of the work order/receipt is shown at the time that the complaint is made.

No alterations/disassembly to/of the firearm have/has occurred between the date the customer reacquired possession of the firearm and the date that the customer brought the firearm back to Dake Gunsmithing LLC. (This does not include any labor required to perform necessary maintenance to the firearm).

Any after market or used parts that become defective are not covered under Dake Gunsmithing LLC‘s warranty unless the defect is proven to have been caused while in Dake Gunsmithing LLC‘s possession.

Should any warranty repairs be needed, Dake Gunsmithing LLC will provide all the needed labor required to correct any issues/mistakes free of charge.

Should any parts/accessories be proven defective as a result of Dake Gunsmithing LLC and need replaced, both the parts/accessories and labor will be provided free of charge to correct any issues/mistakes.